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Just the Best Wood for the Serious Baseball Player

Call for Purchase allow 10-14 days for delivery Available in both Ash and Maple
X-Pro series starting at $99 plus $15 for priority mail 2 day USPS shipping
Amateur and College Series starting at $75
plus $15 for priority mail 2 day USPS shipping

The X-71 is a great overall model that combines a solid barrel to go along with the ability to get it quickly thru the contact zone. Similar in design to other '271" models with superior performance.
Knob: 1 7/8" Handle: 7/8" Barrel: 2 13/32"

X-318 is a very popular model for those who want good power with their barrel but want to keep the quickness thru the zone. This bat has a traditional round knob
Knob: 1 7/8" Handle: 29/32" Barrel: 2 13/32"

X53 - This is one of our most popular bigger barrel models. It has a good sized handle with a traditional round knob. The combination of barrel and balance on this model make it one of our "go to" models for amateurs and pros alike. If you are unsure about what you are looking for, or are looking to try something new, this is a great choice
Knob: 2" Handle: 29/32" Barrel: 2 7/16"

This bat has a larger tapered handle to knob with a great sized barrel - Great pop and not easy to break. A new model for the 2013 season, is getting great reviews!
Knob: 2" Handle: 29/32" Barrel: 2 15/32"
The Zinger version of the traditional 161 model. A thick handle on this bat with a round traditional knob and very large barrel is a favorite for players who like a bigger grip while maintaining great explosion from the barrel.
Knob: 1 31/32" Handle: 1" Barrel: 2 1/2"

X71 (271 profile) X16 (similar to AP5) X53 - Zinger model, traditional knob, great balance and one of our more popular models with our pro players, & X318 (318s profile). The X71 & X16 are tapered handle models, the X53 & X318 are traditional bat knobs.

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