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  • Manny Machado
  • Yoenis Cespedes
  • Bryce Harper (also swings Marucci)



Chandler Bats Maple M271
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Model #CB271 (based on Louisville Slugger C271 model)
Handcrafted based on the most popular pro model, the C271. A great choice for players transitioning from metal to wood due to its excellent balance. Utilizes hard, dense wood to increase ball travel while aiding players in adjusting to swinging a wood bat. CB271 is available in ½”
increments from 32” through 35”.
Premium Pro Quality Maple Wood. 2.48" Barrel. .943" Handle. 2.00" Knob Handcrafted and Hand Finished for Premium Quality. Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio.

32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33.5/30.5, 34/31, 34.5/31.5, 35

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Model #CB24 (proprietary Chandler model)
A proprietary model originally designed for elite high school and collegiate players. A sharp taper at transition to a medium are at a comfortably thin handle. Designed forthe power hitter transitioning to wood. Very dense and hard wood used to maximize balance. CB24
32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33.5/30.5, 34/31, 34.5/31.5, 35 

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Model #CB331 (based on the Louisville C331 model)
Also good for players moving from metal to wood because it has a natural counterbalance at the knob of the handle. The unique feature provides a concentration of weight behind the batter’s hands, closer to the true pivot point of the swing. The barrel practically “swings itself” as it follows the hands thru the hitting zone. An excellent choice for players of all skill levels/hitting styles. CB331 is order in
32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33.5/30.5, 34/31, 34.5/31.5, 35.

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