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187 of his former players as a Head Coach have signed professional baseball Contracts
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With all of the great Bat Manufactures today its hard to choose a good wood bat. We want to help and with our experience we have selected what our players from the Northwest Independent Baseball League; The NWIBL is a semi-pro and adult league in the Portland Area with 22 teams made up of ex pro and college players. Since 2009 all bats have been game tested.  If you have a question we're always glad to help. Call us

We have selected the best of each of the following Bat Manufactures and stock most of the models in colors shown. Custom sizes and colors are always available please allow 10 to 20 days for delivery.
All bats are shipped USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day service
Apex, Baden, Chandler, Katana, KR3, Powerwood, Sandlot Stiks

Make your Dad or Coaches Day This Fungo Bat Lasts Forever

MacDougall PowerWood Hand made with Coaches in Mind it's light but powerful this FUNGO with PowerLock Barrel has a 5 Month Warranty and life time repair 

PowerWood M21 & M14 Tanoak 5 Month Warranty Free Shipping

PowerWood M21 Black Diamond Tanoak Barrel  5 Month Warranty Free Shipping

PowerWood M21 Midnight Blue Tanoak Barrel  5 Month Warranty

M243 Eagle Ultra Magnum

M243 Eagle Magnum

M271 Eagle Magnum

i13 Eagle Magnum

Pat 5 Eagle Magnum

KR3 Eagle Magnum  2 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats



KR3 Maple Magnum  3 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats

KR3 Hickory Magnum M271 6 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats  
Apex High Performance baseball bat  M243 Large 2.60 inch Barrel Built for Performance

APEX Hawk Magnum  3 Month Warranty  KR3 all wood bats

New  Baden Maple PRO  AXE  3 Month Warranty

KR3 Canadian Hard Rock Maple with Slope of Grain Ink  

KR3 Northern Canadian  Harden Birch

Chandler Pro Maple Baseball Bats 

Zinger Pro Wood Bats Maple and Ash all Wood Bats MLB

Sandlot Stiks American Beech all wood bats with lots of pop

Maple Stiks all wood bats with lots of pop

MacDougall PowerWood FUNGO with PowerLock Barrel 5 Month Warranty

Fungo Bats 

To be able to hit you need to train with different hitting aids to improve at different levels.

When you first start a T is used, then you move forward with soft toss and on to live batting cages and live pitching. Here at Wood Baseball Bats 4 Sale (WBB4S) we will provide Baseball Hitting Instructions and bring you the latest in hitting methods along with sound hitting principles and instill confidence as you progress.

Baseball Hitting Instructions feels that these videos will help everyone who watches them. These are coaches from all over the country with every aspect of what and how to improve your game.  Everybody knows that video instruction is one of the best ways to learn a sport and the MyCoachOnline video library takes you to some of the top baseball and softball clinics and camps in the country so you can pick up your own tips from some of the coaching greats.

When you purchase Baseball and Softball video access, you will immediately have a seat at a clinic or a place on the practice field next to the coach while drills are run. Covering every topic a baseball or softball coach would be interested in from pitching to injury prevention and recruiting, you'll have hours and hours of baseball instruction at your fingertips using a iPad, iPhone.

All MyCoachOnline video licenses allow you and 3 of your fellow coaches to access to the MyCoachOnline video library FOR A FULL YEAR.
The Baseball Playbook by Coach Ron Polk is 520 pages of everything you'll ever need to know about baseball! This book covers everything from your first team meeting to running the tournament at the end of the season.

We've combined our best selling items, then thrown in FREE SHIPPING to sweeten the pot and save YOU money! You'll receive The Baseball Playbook, The Total Pitching Program, the Animated Baseball Playbook CD and a Streaming Video Membership all for just $99.00, saving YOU $11.85!

You'll be able to access our ENTIRE baseball, softball and special topics instructional video libraries immediately after your credit card is processed and your books will usually ship that same day (if you order before 4:00 PM Central Time) via UPS.